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HI Show 3-19-20 Part-1: The Domino Effect of Quarantine - How this Pandemic is Affecting Us

You and everyone you know is going into quarantine because of the virus scare. In this unprecedented point in our history, COVID-19 isn’t the only thing changing life as we know it— our reactions to the pandemic are also setting off chain reactions around us. As we remove people from one indoor environment and into others, how can we know that where we are sending them is “safe?” We can’t close all buildings, so what can we do inside buildings that have to remain open? Part-1 addresses the COVID-19 crisis from several perspectives, such as what we know today from a medical standpoint and scientific, to what reasonable actions you can take to limit the impact of this pandemic at your workplace and in your home. Corbett Lunsford, co-host of the PBS television series, "Home Diagnosis", and Bob Krell, Publisher of Healthy Indoors Magazine and IAQ industry veteran consultant & trainer, moderate a 3-part panel discussion. The event was recorded live on March 19, 2020. Panelists include: Dr. Michelle Sanborn, Dr. Delphine Farmer, and Joe Medosch.