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HI Show 3-19-20 Part-3:The Domino Effect of Quarantine - Practical Anti-Virus Measures for Buildings

This discussion will focus on the management of the physical indoor environment, and the practical building-related strategies that can be implemented to reduce occupants’ exposure to viruses. It will include a thorough overview of effective anti-viral cleaning and disinfecting practices to reduce viruses on surfaces. And it will review prudent measures facilities personnel and building owners can take to maximize the efficacy of their building systems to reduce viral exposure risk. While the session focuses primarily on larger buildings and work spaces, several of the basic strategies for effective cleaning and improved ventilation apply to home management as well. Corbett Lunsford, co-host of the PBS television series, "Home Diagnosis", and Bob Krell, Publisher of Healthy Indoors Magazine and IAQ industry veteran consultant & trainer, moderate a 3-part panel discussion. The event was recorded live on March 19, 2020. Panelists include: Kris Anderson PE, Cole Stanton, Dr. David Krause, and Scott Armour Program provided courtesy of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council