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Healthier Workplaces - Episode-5

Welcome to the Healthier Workplaces Show, a program dedicated to highlighting the efforts of industry professionals who protect our workers and their communities from occupational and environmental hazards. Over the past few years, there has been a heightened emphasis on, creation of, and expansion to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives (otherwise known as DEI) in the workplace. These programs reinforce cultures of psychological safety among workers who increasingly come from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences. This week we meet three members of AIHA’s new PR(IH)DE Special Interest Group, Mike Ierardi, April Clayton, and Jake Shedd, to learn about their team’s goals. The Healthier Workplaces Show is hosted by industry veteran, Bob Krell. The series is produced for AIHA by Healthy Indoors® / IAQNET LLC. Learn more at