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AIHA's Healthier Workplaces Show - Episode-6: Product Stewardship

Welcome to the Healthier Workplaces Show, a program dedicated to highlighting the efforts of industry professionals who protect our workers and their communities from occupational and environmental hazards. Product Stewardship has become a key component of strategic plans for many organizations, and the move toward it has been gaining momentum in recent years. The Product Stewardship Society is a group that focuses on this important area. Their annual PSX event brings a diverse group of professionals together each year to learn and network. This week we are joined by Lisa Marie Nespoli, the Society’s incoming President-elect, and Tina Armstrong, the past chair of the PSX 2022 event. to discuss their recent meeting in Louisville, as well as some of the goals of the Product Stewardship Society. The Healthier Workplaces Show is hosted by industry veteran, Bob Krell. The series is produced for AIHA by Healthy Indoors® / IAQNET LLC. Learn more at