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Healthy Indoors Show 4-15-21 Overtime Segment: How to Prevent “Snake Oil” Sales from the IAQ Industry--continued

We continue our discussion in this Overtime Segment of our 4-15-21 show! For years we’ve been hearing about “snake oil” products and “Snake Oil” Salesmen in the indoor environmental industry. Glenn Morrison wrote about it in his Indoor Air “Pseudoscience, Snake oil, and Indoor Air Quality” piece three years ago, and more recently, Bud Offermann in his 11/20 Beware the COVID-19 Snake Oil Salesmen Are Here paper. This begs the question, “Is the Problem Snake Oil Salesmen or Snake Oil Products…or both?” We’re going to dive into that controversial conversation when we are joined by this week’s guests: Bud Offermann, Glenn Morrison, and Thomas Licker. This is going to be a show you will really want to see!