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Healthy Indoors Show 4-9-20

This week is a special 90-minute edition of the Healthy Indoors Show featuring a contractor and consumer-focused episode covering 3 special healthy home topics: • What consumers know should about filtration, UV systems and similar options – Bryan Orr, Founder HVAC School • Maintaining Home Health during shelter-in-place – Carl Grimes, and Joe Medosch, Hayward Score • Reducing Mental Stress – Dr. Adriana Hayward, Psy.D., Hayward Score Bryan will discuss practical installations for filtration and answer common questions about adding ozone, UV light, and other options to HVAC systems Carl and Joe will review simple recommendations to keep your home (and your family) healthy especially during shelter-in-place. Adriana will discuss the challenges of dealing with shelter-in-place restrictions, as well as economic and COVID-19 news, and offer practical tips to reduce stress and anxiety for the whole family.