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Healthy Indoors LIVE Show 9-2-21 with guest, Henry Slack

We are pleased to welcome Henry Slack as our guest this week! He has been a regularly-featured presenter at industry events for decades and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on a host of indoor environmental topics. From 1991 to 2018, Henry Slack managed the Indoor Air Program for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 4, dealing with topics as diverse as mold, odors, ozone, carbon monoxide, air cleaners, green buildings, ventilation systems, tobacco smoke, and a guy who could see mold spores flying through the air and attack him. The EPA program is non-regulatory. He was a popular speaker on IAQ topics. The Healthy Indoors Show brings you the information you need! Each episode features the industry’s experts on a variety of topics of interest. The show is hosted by HI‘s Founder & Publisher, Bob Krell, who is a veteran consultant, contractor and trainer in the indoor environmental and building performance industries.LIVE Thursdays 1:00 – 2:00 PM EDT at: