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Healthy Indoors LIVE Show 9-1-22 with guest Derrick Denis

Stop the Stink! Dry traps and the ensuing sewer gas and sewer critter infiltration are really STINK for property managers, snow birds, hotels, hospitals, Realtors, schools and more. Simple dry plumbing traps are the #1 cause of sewer gas infiltration at unused or underused fixtures. We talk about a new solution for this common IAQ problem, along with a bunch of other important indoor environmental topics with this week's guest, industry veteran, Derrick Denis. Derrick A. Denis is an all around nice guy with hero complex, internationally recognized practitioner, inventor, educator, author and volunteer. He has provided professional industrial hygiene (IH), health and safety (EH&S), infection control (IC), indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and litigation support services for 30 years. Derrick is Senior Vice President with Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC). He is also an inventor of Sewer Gas Solutions, a product that you pour into unused/underused drains to prevent the water in the trap from drying, which stops sewer gas infiltration. The show is hosted by HI‘s Founder & Publisher, Bob Krell, who is a veteran consultant, contractor and trainer in the indoor environmental and building performance industries. Check out live shows, replays, and more at: