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Healthy Indoors LIVE Show 10-6-22: How New Federal Initiatives may affect HVAC & IAQ with guests Bryan Orr & Nate Adams

The White House, EPA, and other Federal agencies will be rolling out new initiatives that may flood billions of dollars into IAQ and electrification in this country. At the forefront are the White House Clean Air Challenge and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. How may these programs affect the HVAC and indoor environmental markets for both consumers and contractors? That's the topic on this week's show when we are joined by our guests Bryan Orr (HVACR School) and Nate Adams (HVAC 2.0) to discuss these developments in the marketplace. Join us here LIVE from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT (UTC -4), or check out the video recording and audio podcast after on this space. Bryan Orr is the Co-Owner of Kalos Services Inc. an Orlando- area HVAC contracting business as well as an audio nerd and podcaster (Host of the HVAC School Podcast). Bryan is the Father of 10 kids and husband of a Jedi Princess. In his spare time, Bryan doesn’t have spare time. Contact him at: Nate Adams is the author of the Home Comfort Book and has written or spoken for numerous outlets including Healthy Indoors Magazine, the Journal of Light Construction, Green Building Advisor, GreenTech Media, Ohio State University, IAQ Radio, and the HVAC School Pod-cast. Nate is cofounder of Energy Smart Home Performance which plans and executes comprehensive insulation and HVAC upgrades to solve client problems. Energy Smart has the most detailed case studies in the industry. He’s passionate about helping homeowners and HVAC contractors understand how homes really work so root causes of comfort and health problems can be addressed, not symp-toms. These upgrades often result in electrifications where homes are converted to only use electricity, reducing air pollution both indoors and out. He’s currently working on the HVAC 2.0 program to train HVAC contractors how to help clients solve comfort and health issues in their homes. Check out case studies at and download much of The Home Comfort Book for free at natethehousewhisperer. comLearn more at: The show is hosted by HI‘s Founder & Publisher, Bob Krell, who is a veteran consultant, contractor and trainer in the indoor environmental and building performance industries. Check out live shows, replays, and more at: