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HI Show 6-11-20: Online Events in the Industry's Changing Global Marketplace

Healthy Indoors Show June 11, 2020 -- While we have been seeing a steady increase in online offerings for our industry in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the move to virtual events. This week’s show will discuss how the current global crisis has affected rapid changes in the conference and training spaces, and how many organizations are navigating these turbulent virtual waters. Are online events here to stay, and if so, how will virtual technologies shape in-person events once we return to some resemblance of “normal?” Hayward Score’s Joe Medosch co-hosts with Healthy Indoors‘ Bob Krell, joined by guests: Sue Marchese (AIHA), Jodi Araujo (NADCA), Jay Stake (IAQA), Kelly Rutt (EIA), Christy Crocker (MIAQC), Steve Skodak (BPA), and Beth Mauro (Association Headquarters). Access all our free content at: