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Healthy Indoors LIVE Show 8-18-22: Back to School with guests Claire Barnett and Pamela Pugh

Keeping Schools Open in 2022 and Beyond It is August, so it’s back to school across the country. Families know that children need to be in school. Parents, teachers, and administrators know how important safe and healthy schools are. The twin crises of COVID and climate that have broad impact on children’s development and learning. In April, the Healthy Schools Network and several hundred national partners gathered virtually for a National Healthy Schools Summit. Knowing that millions of children attend, and now will be returning to school, the Coalition for Healthier Schools, led by Healthy Schools Network, is releasing the Summit Report to share speakers’ insights and information designed to help communities put healthy schools at the center of young people’s lives. That's the discussion on this episode of our show with guests Claire Barnett, Executive Director of the Healthy Schools Network and Pamela Pugh, PhD, Vice President, Michigan State Board of Education, Executive Committee, National Association of State Boards of Education. The show is hosted by HI‘s Founder & Publisher, Bob Krell, who is a veteran consultant, contractor and trainer in the indoor environmental and building performance industries. Check out live shows, replays, and more at: