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WK2LIVE7: Mold School: A Crash Course in Investigating, Remediating, and (Ultimately) Preventing Indoor Microbial Problems

"Why is everyone so concerned about mold? How do you know if there's a problem? What can you do to prevent microbial issues and limit your liability on a project? This workshop will address the common practices and pitfalls of dealing with mold and other microbial contamination in moisture-affected buildings. It will explore moisture as the primary causal issue, and help the attendee understand how our building designs, retrofits, and material selections may be prone to moisture failure and subsequent microbial problems. Assessment / Remediation / Prevention The presenter will discuss identifying mold and other potential microbial concerns, the pros and cons of commonly used diagnostic and testing methods, and designing/implementing effective remediation strategies to resolve identified microbial problems in buildings. This workshop will also cover remediation practices, including treating the symptoms & their sources, key Indoor Environmental Engineering Controls for successful remediation, as well as getting to “Clear” on a project."